Uzbekistan Slide Show

Mary Jo and I traveled to Uzbekistan for three weeks in late November - early December, 2003.  The purpose was to conduct workshops at the Tashkent Institute for Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering.  TIIAME was once the premier irrigation training university in the Soviet Union.  It is now trying to redefine itself, focusing on Uzbekistan national priorities.  A project in cooperation with Washington State University is building a new curriculum in Water Resource Studies.  I  presented a series of workshops on Water Economics Modeling, and Mary Jo did workshops on how to write good grant applications.

Our slides are organized into four parts:

Tashkent -- where TIIAME is located and where we spent most of our time.  Tashkent is a mostly modern urban area of about 3 million people, and was once the fourth largest city in the Soviet Union.

Fergana Valley Samarkand and Bukhara -- which are historically rich centers along the old silk road route between Europe and China.  Because TIIAME was on holiday break for the end of Ramadan and the Eid festival, we were able to spend nearly a week traveling in these fascinating places.

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