Welcome to Joel Hamilton's Family History Web Page
Austin 1930s PhotoThis is a work in progress.  My goal is to assemble both photos and family history materials.  

Old Family Pictures.  There are over 800 old family photos on this site, but they still need a lot of organizing and labeling.  Click on the pictures to move through the family groups (albums). Click on the tiny picture to get a bigger picture, and click on that bigger picture to get a full sized picture. You an also click on "slideshow" in the upper right corner to cycle through the pictures in each album. Note that there is also a place to click to make comments or suggest corrections for the individual pictures.

History and Memories of the Hamilton Farm in Janesville Wisconsin.  This is a draft of a history of the Hamilton farm  that I am working on.

The family tree and family history material also needs lots more work.  What I have at present is divided into the following nine parts. Click on a linked name on the family tree to go to that individual's history sheet.
If you have comments, corrections or contributions of material, feel free to contact me at joelhmoscow@gmail.com.
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Updated 2/3/2010